Attention Principals...

Get your entire staff aligned in just 6 Days and build a 100% culture that will last all year long.

July 30 - August 3 & 7, 2023


You missed out!

Are you a K-12 school principal looking to start the 2023-2024 school year with your staff on the right foot ?

Do you dream of having your entire staff aligned, motivated, and working towards a common goal from day one?

Look no further!


The Buildership Summer Boot Camp

An empowering 6-day program hosted by Dr. Robyn R. Jackson, designed exclusively for principals like you.

Join us for 6 days and discover how to get your staff aligned for the entire school year!

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How The 6-Day Boot Camp Works

Over the Course of 6 days we'll spend 90 minutes  building the systems you need to align your staff for the year to come. 

6 Days of Training and Implementation Sessions

This is not a sit-and-get experience. Each day we will work together to build a key system to get your staff aligned. You'll be able to install them in your school immediately.

Live real time coaching on your specific needs

During this highly interactive experience, you'll be able to ask questions and participate in live group coaching sessions to ensure that you are completely successful. 

An Amazing workbook each day with all of the tools you need 

When you show up live each day, you'll get a fillable workbook with all the tools you need to build your systems. These highly coveted workbooks will become staple in your PD library long after the bootcamp is over. 

The Buildership Summer Boot Camp is the ultimate investment in your professional development as a school principal. Join us and unlock the secrets to building a cohesive and successful school culture.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a transformative journey towards a year of unparalleled achievement.

What You'll Learn

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to participate in the Buildership Summer Boot Camp and transform your school community. Join us Sunday, July 30 to August 3 every evening from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm EST and a special 2-Hr Masterclass on August 7th from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Reserve your spot now and unlock the power of systems to achieve true staff alignment and success from day one.

Day 1

Sunday, July 30, 2023  |  7 PM ET

Start How You Want To Finish: 4 simple ways to get your entire staff on the same page from the very start .       

Day 2

Monday, July 31, 2023  |  7 PM ET

The Feedback Fast-Track System: Get into more classrooms, give more powerful feedback, and see significant growth this school year.

Day 3

Tuesday, August 1, 2023  |  7 PM ET

The Surefire Support System: Create teacher growth plans that help every teacher grow at least one level, in one domain THIS school year.

Day 5

Thursday, August 3, 2023  |  7PM ET

The Culture Cure System: Overcome toxicity and ensure that everyone starts the year with a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

Day 4

Wednesday, August 2, 2023  |  7PM ET

The Accountability Action Planning System: Set your teachers up to do the right work the right way this school year (even when you’re not looking)

Day 6

Monday, August 7, 2023  |  7 PM ET

Building Your Back-to-School Staff Alignment Plan: How to start the year with your entire staff on the right foot and keep them aligned for the entire school year.   

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Hi, I'm Robyn!

I 'm a best-selling author of 11 books and passionate about building better schools. I founded Buildership® University to help K-12 Principals and District Administrators achieve their vision of success for 100% of their students in 3 years or less. 
What I am sharing with you in this 6-day Boot Camp is essentially the culmination of  my life's work – from my many years teaching in the classroom as a School Administrator and as a leading educational consultant – I am pulling back the curtain on THE MOST Critical  systems  to successfully run a school that are proven to transform every level of your school. 
All you have to do is register, show up and be ready to put in the work.
Together, we can help you not only set the groundwork for your school's success but also get your staff on the same page for year's to come.  

Is your School Staff In Need of Alignment?

How is your staff working together on a day-to-day basis? What are your systems, processes and standard operating procedures? Do you have a common language to produce a healthy culture? Are you achieving your desired outcomes?

Unfortunately, most school staff are disjointed– you may hove some teachers on board and pockets of excellence, but you also struggle with some apathetic teachers and pockets of toxicity despite your best efforts. The reason is that many of us are using outdated systems and processes that do not produce or support a 100% culture where every teacher is doing the right work the right way for the right reasons – even when you're not checking. Instead, we have "good enough" cultures where plans are constantly changing and rarely followed, staff is increasingly unmotivated and apathetic, instruction is uneven, students are disengaged, and everyone is burnt out!

The good news is that with the Mindsteps Buildership Model you can establish a 100% culture where everyone thrives––from your students, to your teachers, to your support staff––EVERYONE!

You'll know you need staff alignment if...

  • Your work feels chaotic and nothing important gets done except for things that are "on fire".
  • Your staff feels disjointed, unmotivated or apathetic. There's no shared vision or direction.  
  • You are burned out already and the school year hasn't even started...
Buildership® Model

Buildership® Model

With the Buildership Model in place you'll

  • Get yourself and your staff focused and empower your team to get the right work done.
  • Have a healthy thriving culture where everyone is working towards a common goal and vision.
  • You are able to enjoy life at work and at home.

Don't settle for the status quo.

At the Buildership Summer Boot Camp, we firmly believe that the key to achieving a cohesive 100% school culture lies in implementing 4 simple systems centered around feedback, support, accountability, and culture. These essential systems are the foundation for creating true staff alignment all year long.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Buildership

Scott L.


This work has been truly transformative.

I'm in my 6th year of the principal-ship, and I finally feel like I can learn how to lead in a way that fits me and that truly moves our school

Navonne J.


This process has caused me to dream again.

I’m excited about my school and staff and the vision and mission to which we are called. My staff are all in. Their questions are more focused. They are more creative and communicative this year than in the past, and we all are excited to see the fruits of our labor.

Julie M.


Buildership has made every decision so much easier.

My first year as a Principal felt like a bad game of “Whack-A-Mole” at a local country fair versus starting off this year with a vision/mission and an alignment tool.

Join Us For the Buildership Summer

Boot Camp

Become the kind of principal that consistently achieves amazing results year after year. With the Buildership Summer Boot Camp, you'll gain the tools, strategies, and community support necessary to overcome overwhelm, energize your staff, and create a 100% school culture. Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity—reserve your spot today!


You missed out!