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BU is a Membership Community of Builders, Plus All the Courses, Templates, and Trainings You Need Turn Your School into a Success Story in 3 Years or less.

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Get access to all of our premium courses to help you on your journey to turn your school into a success story. Including our Feedback Fast-Track Formula (Retail Price: $397) and our Accountability Action Plan (Retail Price: $397) No matter which zone you are in you will have a complete success path to work your way to success.

LIVE Workshops and Master Classes to keep you on top of your 90-Day plan

Get access to our Premium training, resources, and exclusive live events to sharpen your skills, make your work easier and more effective, and ultimately achieve your vision for 100% of your students.

A Community to support you along the way

Our Community of Builders are amazing! Surround yourself with smart, focused people just like you who are working together to turn their schools into success stories one step at a time.

...and SO much  more!

What Is Buildership® University?

Whether you are new to Buildership® looking for a place to start or a seasoned former leader looking to uplevel your skills, Buildership® University has everything you need to move your staff.

Membership comes with everything needed to start your journey to ultimately achieve your vision, including: live trainings, workshops and resources (so you’re always one step ahead), proven step-by-step processes (so even complex tasks get done the right way, the first time), and a community of Builders (so you never have a question that goes unanswered again). Buildership® University truly offers the best advantage for any Principal, Asst, Principal, District Administrator, or Superintendent looking to Build a better School.

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Get access to Premium trainings, resources, and exclusive live events to sharpen your skills, make your work easier and more effective, and ultimately achieve your vision for 100% of your students.



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Everything You Need To Go From Being A Leader To Being A BUILDER And Turning Your School Into A Success Story With The People And Resources You Already Have

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Buildership® University suitable for?

We focus on providing online training to K-12 Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals, and Coaches. That said, much of our content is relevant to other types of leadership, and we do have members who apply what we teach to other roles such as Team Leaders and Central Office Personnel.

I am new to Buildership® and the Buildership™ Model, will this be a good fit for me?

Absolutely - Buildership® University covers every stage of setting a bold vision for your school and achieving that vision in the next 3 years. In fact now is the perfect time for you to join; as not only do we have training that will take you through every step, but you'll also be able to get support and advice from within the community too, to help you through your journey.


I have been in a leadership position for years, what can Buildership® University do for me?

This is certainly not a "beginner only" community - far from it! We've helped clients grow their schools from failing to thriving and their staff from the lowest level to the highest performers, so there's plenty of expertise inside from which you're sure to benefit.

Is all of the content available immediately or is it time-released (drip fed)?

You get access to everything already inside Buildership® University straight away! No waiting for content to be released to you, just jump in and start making use of the training. We regularly update and add new material too - so your content library will continue growing.


What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously we'd love it if all of our members stick around forever - but we know that life happens, circumstances change. So, if you do decide to cancel, we'll be very sad, but you'll be able to do so with just a few simple steps.


Can I access the content released during my membership once I cancel?

No. Premium membership entitles you to enter the Premium members area and access all content that is released prior to and during the duration of your membership. If you cancel or do not renew your Premium membership you will no longer be able to access the Premium content.


Can I get one-on-one help and support for my specific needs?

Not only can you ask questions and get advice, support and feedback any time from our 2 monthly live Office Hours (first come, first serve) we also offer live sprints, workshops , and masterclasses to assist you as you implement your plan.

I’m an AP or Aspiring Principal. Will Buildership® University be useful for me or should I wait to join once I am a Principal?

If you are an AP or Aspiring Principal, this is the perfect time to join Buildership® University. That way, you can learn the Buildership® Model and be ready when you have your own school. We even have an AP/ Aspiring Principal track you can follow that specifically addresses the challenges you face as you pursue the principal-ship.

What’s the difference between Builder’s Lab and Buildership® University?

Builder’s Lab is where you discover the entire Buildership® Model and develop your first Builder’s Blueprint live. It’s a great way to understand how the entire model works and to chart your own success path going forward. Buildership® University is where you can get ongoing training, support, and feedback and work through the Buildership® Model and Success Path at your own pace. Many people come to Builder’s Lab first and then join

Buildership® University so they can receive ongoing, long-term support. Others join Buildership® University first, and then come to Builder’s Lab after a few months to sharpen their skills and enjoy the live, interactive experience of Builder’s Lab. So, if you want a live, interactive crash-course in Buildership®, start with Builder’s Lab first and then join BU. If you are ready to get started right now, want to work at your own pace and receive ongoing support, then join Buildership® University right now and you can go to Builder’s Lab later. 


I live outside of the United States. Is it worth joining Buildership® University when the time zone difference makes it hard for me to show up for live trainings and calls?

We have Builders inside of Buildership® University from all over the world! Because much of our content is on-demand, you can access it at any time. And, if we offer a live training, we always record it so that you can watch it later when it’s more convenient for you. As for Office Hours, we rotate the times to accommodate different time zones.

Can I upgrade my membership later?

You sure can! You can upgrade to our Premium Monthly or Annual membership any time with a couple of clicks from your account page.

QUESTIONS? If there's anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us at info@mindstepsinc.com and we'll help you out.

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