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The NUmber One MentorSHIP  

for K-12 Principals

Buildership University Helps k-12 Principals Achieve 100% Student Success and secure 100% Staff Buy-In in 3 years or less. We’ll help you turn your school into a Success Story with the people and resources you’ll already have.

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Turn Your School Into A Success Story

with the people and resources you already have

You started your career as a Principal with lofty aspirations to lead a school where every child could be successful. After spending years working harder and harder in a broken educational system that is capable of producing only limited results, your long-ago idealistic zeal is slowly giving way to the soul-crushing cynicism and resignation you see all around you.

And yet there's still a part of you that believes that all children deserve to be successful in school . . .  if only you knew how to make it happen.

There is a way you can become the kind of Principal who can build a school where EVERY child is successful -- the kind of Principal who dramatically transforms schools - and lives.

We work with hundreds of Principals every day and we know how to help you achieve better student results with far less stress.

Achieve 100% Student Success – Despite the Very Real Challenges You’re Facing

You CAN build an environment where 100% of your students thrive.

You CAN build true alignment so that you and your staff stay focused on what truly matters most!

Let us show you how to stop running around putting out fires and return to the passionate, confident champion for kids who transforms schools - and lives ... just like you were when you first started out (but without the stress and pressure that keeps you from focusing on what matters most to you).

*Buildership University is now closed to new members. Join the waitlist to be the first to be notified when a spot opens up.

Buildership University Isn't a COACHING or Training PROGRAM -- It's a Mentorship.

You already have enough resources. You probably have a shelf full of books you never have time to read. Your district pulls you from your school regularly for training. You've been to the big education conferences. And yet, you're still stressed and you see very little results.

What you really need is someone who can show you how to take all that you know and make it work for YOUR school, YOUR students, and YOUR unique circumstances. That's why we designed Buildership University to be a mentorship. The process has taken years and continues to evolve because we wanted this program to be unlike anything else available for Principals on the planet. Training and Coaching aren't enough so we created this mentorship program based on the Buildership® Model which provides the systems, resources and most of all, the expert guidance you need to build a school where 100 percent of students are successful . . .no matter where you’re starting, or what difficult people, limited resources, or District demands you’re dealing with.

The Mentorship you get inside of Buildership University helps you get better student results without the stress

See for yourself...

*Buildership University is now closed to new members. Join the waitlist to be the first to be notified when a spot opens up.

Buildership University is right
for you, if...

...You're a New Principal

You finally have your own school and you’re eager to start making changes. But, you’re nervous about establishing trust with your staff first. Maybe you inherited a bit of a “mess.” The culture has some underlying toxicity and you’re trying to clear up the baggage your predecessor left while also trying to move your own agenda forward. You have big plans, but you’re not sure where to start. And privately, you struggle with the exhaustion and overwhelm of running a school and the fear that maybe you won’t succeed in your new role. 

Right now, there are 2 things you need most: You need some reliable systems that help you quickly establish control and order over your work and help you make serious student gains right away. Plus you need a supportive community of people who have “been there” and who have your back. They can be a safe place to share your frustrations and give you sage advice so that you don’t make any major mistakes while you’re trying to establish yourself in your new role.  

...You're an Experienced Principal

You’ve gotten your school stabilized and have seen some successes. But, you feel like in order to sustain and grow your school, it all comes down to you. You’re working nights, weekends, sacrificing time with your family or time to pursue your life outside of school. It feels like you’re always working -- even when you’re not physically at school, your mind is always preoccupied with the next crisis, and even when you’re away, at any time you can get that text or email that pulls you right back in. You’re always busy taking care of everyone else, meeting their needs, while your needs go on the back burner. You may even be starting to wonder whether or not this school, this role, is the right one for you? You’re exhausted, doing ALL the things, and frustrated because no matter how hard you work, you’re still not seeing the results you want or your results do not match the effort you put in to achieve them.

At this point, it’s all about implementing systems and helping your team take on more responsibility so that your school runs smoothly and you make steady progress towards your goals -- without continuing to sacrifice your life, your free time, and your health -- or your standards.

...You are the Principal of a Private School

Being the principal of a private school often means that you are doing ALL the things -- from being the instructional leader, to substituting when a teacher is out, managing the budget, marketing your school, designing the school newsletter, and interfacing with your Board. You are constantly trying to upgrade the level of instruction in your school while also keeping parents happy, keeping your Board happy, and recruiting new students so that you have enough enrollment to sustain your school. You really wear all the hats which means that you never seem to have enough time being the visionary of your school. As much as you truly believe in the mission of your school, you’re quickly becoming burned out as you try to keep all the balls in the air. You’re not the only one exhausted, your teachers feel overwhelmed as well. You know that your school could be so much more but your teachers seem stuck in the past and unwilling to risk trying something new. 

What you need most is a set of simple systems you can put into place so that your school runs smoothly, your teachers are re-energized and focused, and you are able to focus on doing the work that only you can do.

...You are a District Administrator

Running a department in your district is very different from running a school. You have a smaller team and yet you’re responsible for bigger outcomes. You know how to run a school and you’ve achieved some results in the past, but now, your job is to help OTHER principals achieve results in their school. It can be frustrating because you are responsible for results without being able to directly implement the things you know would make the schools you serve successful. 

What you need most is a simple set of systems that help you not only achieve the impact you want to achieve, but that also helps you help others achieve a similar impact in their schools.

Buildership University has helped Principals in each of these phases of their careers get dramatic results while eliminating their stress

-Scott L. Principal


This work truly has been transformative for me. I'm in my 6th year of the principal-ship, and I finally feel like I can learn how to lead in a way that fits me and that truly moves our school. I left the end of last year feeling like maybe I was not the type of leader that could move a school forward, but this mentorship has given me fresh hope. Thank you.

-Julie M. 


My first year of principal-ship felt like a bad game of "Whack-A-Mole" at a local country fair versus starting off this year with a vision/mission and an alignment tool. It has made every decision I have made so much easier.

How Would you Like To:

Build Clarity

Get clear on your vision, mission, and core values and secure everyone's support and buy in.

Build Cohesion

Build the will and skill of your staff so that everyone has what it takes to achieve success for every student you serve.

Build Competence

Get good at systematically eliminating your biggest obstacles and celebrate a major win every 90 days.

Build Confidence

Build a team you love and trust completely, and see them take on more ownership of the work freeing you up to do the things that only you can do.

Build Credibility

Achieve your 100% vision for your school and have the data to show it.

Build Continuance

Leave a true legacy as you pursue new opportunities knowing that the work will last long after you've moved on.

This mentorship combines the BEST expert training, individual feedback, personalized support, and strategic coaching out there today for K-12 Principals.

When you join the Buildership® University you’ll get the specific proven, plug-and-play systems that will transform your school with the resources you already have. Our world-class coaches will help you map out your personal Success Path with a crystal clear strategic vision that’s 100% unique and tailored to your specific goals and District demands. And with personal check-ins, individual feedback, and regular coaching calls you’ll have all the accountability, support and motivation you need to reach your goals.

You’ll also get 24/7 access to a private collaborative community of growth-oriented Principals who are teeming with innovative ideas and feedback. Plus, we regularly host social events where you can relax, blow off steam, and celebrate your wins.











"Our school was the only one in our district to get an "A" from the State for academic achievement! "

John H.


Our vision really does make a difference in the mindset and work ethic of my faculty and staff! Yes, we believe ALL students can be on grade level! Buildership is the real-deal!

When you become a BU Insider
you get...

  • Individualized Mentoring and Feedback
  • Group Coaching
  • Quarterly and Yearly Planning Sessions
  • The Buildership® Model Curriculum
  • Systems to Build a Drama-free Team and change your culture
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Bi-Monthly work session to get stuff done
  • True Peer Support in our exclusive online community
  • Full Access to the Buildership Resource Vault
  • Masterclasses and Sprints

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Buildership® University was created for Principals, by Principals.

Our founder and CEO, Robyn Jackson, started this journey with a belief that EVERY child deserves to be successful in school. And while most people would agree with that statement. But the real question is HOW?

Robyn has spent over 25 years seeking answers to that question. When she first became a teacher, people told her that she had to accept that not all students would be successful. But failing students just felt… wrong. She never shook the feeling that somehow, there was something she could do to insure that none of her students failed. And so, she got to work trying to find a way to make success for every one of her students possible. 

It took her several years, but she found a way to do it as a teacher. And, she did it while increasing the rigor of her courses. 

Then she became an administrator…

She KNEW that success for every student was possible, but now she had to convince her staff to believe it and to make it happen in their classrooms. 

Where was the strategy or system to make success for 100% of students happen school-wide?

And, how could she reach such an ambitious goal when she was being pulled in a million different directions -- meeting district demands, putting out daily fires, and dealing with teacher burn-out, student apathy, and her own sense of overwhelm?

Sound familiar?

During her tenure as an administrator, she got really close (93%). She knew she was on to something great and started Mindsteps® Inc. so that she could devote her time to the key to 100%..

It was challenging to say the least, but eventually she cracked the code to building a school where EVERY student could be successful...

Robyn combined her own personal experience working with thousands of principals with the best research on building student success to create the Buildership® Model.

It took over 6 years and working with thousands of principals all over the world for Robyn to develop and refine the Buildership® model which if followed, will help you achieve success for 100% of the students you serve. Through her podcast, best-selling books, and live trainings, she's impacted over 200,000 principals world-wide. 

Wanting to have an even bigger impact, Robyn now dedicates her time to help the principals she serves achieve their vision of success for 100% of their students 3 years or less. Thus, she built Buildership® University to walk principals step-by-step through the  Buildership® Model and install it into their schools. In Buildership® University, we mentor hundreds of principals through the entire process by providing the highest caliber expert training, hands-on coaching, individualized feedback, and community support out there today for Principals.

They Say...

Alicia U.


"Previously the vision statements that I have been a part of writing have been just words on a page, not exciting to anyone but they sounded good. It is exciting to focus resources and plans and training on what it will take to achieve the vision. "

Julia S.


" I was really struggling to put my VISION into words, and after watching the videos it literally became crystal clear to me. ."


When you join Buildership® University, your team of mentors will work with you to create a crystal clear strategic vision of success for your school and map out exactly what you need to do to achieve that vision in the next 3 years. You'll not only have the tools and resources to help you achieve your vision, you'll enjoy the certainty of knowing that you’re doing each step, in the right order, at the right time, in the right way. Plus, you can be even more confident that you’re doing the work correctly by getting expert feedback from a Buildership® University mentor BEFORE you put your plans into action. Why reinvent the wheel when Buildership® University has everything you need ready to simply install into your current school? 


Experience the pride and deep satisfaction of seeing your school grow and increase student success as you systematically implement the Buildership® systems in your own school. When we say these systems work, we mean it. If you can spend just 2 hours per week with the Buildership® University Curriculum, you will start seeing results right away.


How would it feel to be able to go to work each day and actually do the things that matter most instead of dealing with a thousand interruptions that take you away from what you truly want to do? We’ve designed Buildership® University to help you eliminate overwhelm and get back to the reason you became an educator in the first place: to make a real difference in your students’ lives every single day. You’ll discover how to take any district mandate (even the things that feel like more busy work for you) and turn it into something that propels your school forward. You'll also discover how to remove distractions and interruptions so that you can stay focused on the work that matters most. Instead of feeling like you’re being pulled in 25 different directions, you’ll start and end each day with a sense of purpose and everything you do throughout the day will serve your purpose.

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN Buildership University?

The Buildership® Curriculum

This Buildership® curriculum, based on the Buildership® Model,  is designed to help you install the key systems you need to set your school up for success.

Expert Group Coaching

We provide at least one group coaching session a week to provide you with the real-time support you need to put systems in place, and stay focused on accomplishing your vision.

Access to our Exclusive Community

You won't find anything close to our exclusive community of Principals and school administrators anywhere in the world. We support. We Cheer. We Build.

Access to the Buildership® Vault

Unlimited access to templates, exemplars, eBooks, videos, Masterclasses that support you along your Buildership journey.

Hear what our Insiders say

eRICA Dobson



What's the Investment?


As an administrator, you have to be selective where you invest your time. Although implementing the Buildership® Model is definitely worth your time (in fact, your active participation is essential) … we don’t lose sight of the fact that you have a very demanding full-time job already.

Which is why we have broken the entire process down into bite-sized steps you can implement on your own schedule. All you have to do each week is open an email that spells out what to focus on that week … then carve out a few hours to do the work.

Yes, there is some time investment required, but think about how much time gets wasted each week trying to figure things out on your own. Not only that, but forging your way with trial and error can leave you vulnerable to brutal criticism and cause your team to lose respect for you. You have a lot riding on producing measurable results quickly. And you don’t have loads of extra time to waste on trial and error, dead ends, or theoretical discussions that often come with doing it yourself.

The proven systems, easy-to-implement templates, and the support you’re going to get will make implementing everything way easier and way faster than anything you would have done on your own. 


Our methods are proven to work and produce immediate results that speak for themselves.  


Buildership® University is the highest caliber of expert coaching and hands-on mentorship in existence for principals. And yet, the investment is about what you would pay to travel to attend a national conference (except instead of 3 days of random session, you get a full year of targeted, individualized mentoring and support). 

Still, as you might imagine, a program this transformative and comprehensive is not going to fit everyone’s budget. In many cases, you can get your school district's support for the program.

Would You be Worried About the Investment if You got Results Like This?

This process has caused me to dream again. I’m excited about my school and staff and the vision and mission to which we are called. My staff are all in. Their questions are more focused. They are more creative and communicative this year than in the past, and we all are excited to see the fruits of our labor. 

Navonne J. - Principal

This plan shall provide me the opportunity to be in the classroom at least 80% a week. This approach shall allow me to provide coaching and feedback to catapult instruction and student learning.

Christian H. - Principal

The dashboard will help me to better align my observation process in a manner that supports the vision, mission, and core value work that we are currently doing at the beginning of the school year...It allows me to be more thoughtful and purposeful in supporting teacher growth... I will be able to see actual growth for each one of my teachers. Very exciting stuff!

Bobbi S. -Principal

Join the Waitlist...You've Got nothing to Lose!

Aiming for 100 percent changes the game. It calls your school to a higher level of performance. It changes your mindset, your team’s passion, and your students’ engagement.

*Buildership University is now closed to new members. Join the waitlist to be the first to be notified when a spot opens up.

When You Join BU, You Get:


Systems, done-for-you processes & expert training in the following key areas:

  • Vision, Mission, and Core Values so that you have clarity of purpose and complete buy-in from your team.
  • Feedback so that you can get into more classrooms and give people feedback they will welcome and implement.
  • Support so that you can empower your teachers to grow at least one level in one domain in one year or less.
  • Accountability so that you can help everyone stay accountable to your goals without having to spend your time chasing, checking, and correcting teachers.
  • Culture so that you can eliminate toxicity and keep everyone focused on doing the right work the right way.
  • Planning so that you don't waste time chasing tactics and strategies that won't help you reach your goals.
  • Disciplined Execution so that you can make steady progress -- without getting distracted or burning out.

Worried you won't be able to keep up? Don't be! You don’t have to rely on your own will power to make it through BU. We will be with you every step of the way, supporting you, cheering for you, and gently keeping you accountable to your goals. And, we’ve made sure you won’t get lost in a sea of other people. We intentionally keep BU small so that you can get the personalized attention and support you need to keep going.


  • Personalized Success Path that takes into account the demands on your time and helps you map out what success will look like for YOU
  • Individualized Feedback so you can so you can avoid painful pitfalls and embarrassing missteps and know with confidence that you’re doing things correctly.
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions that help you focus on what your best next move should be. That way you won’t try to do ALL the things and can stay focused on what really matters most to you.
  • Periodic Checkpoints to help keep you on track so that you never get lost. 

You’ll receive weekly assignments that break down the process of installing the Buildership® Model into your school into bite-sized chunks. Follow along, and you’ll see steady progress and changes each week.

Supportive Community

  • Exclusive access to our Members-only private community to help you stay connected, get unlimited support, and be inspired by your fellow Builders.

You can share wins (you’ll have many), ask questions, get feedback and ideas in real time, around-the-clock, 24/7.  There’s no pressure and no shame. Instead, you have some of the smartest, kindest, and inspiring Builders in the world cheering for you.


  • Done-for-you Templates that remove the guess-work out of 
  • Proven Systems you can immediately install in your school
  • Practical Bonus Trainings to help you develop specific skills.
  • Useful tools you can immediately implement.
  • And much more!

You’ll get exclusive access to our entire Vault of tools, templates, or other resources to help you solve the immediate challenges you may be facing in your school.

LIVE Expert Coaching

  • Weekly LIVE group coaching sessions to help you troubleshoot challenges, get unstuck, and stay focused.
  • Periodic LIVE Masterclasses to help you develop a specific skill or implement a specific system in your school.
  • LIVE Implementation Sprints to walk you step-by-step through an entire process and help you immediately implement it in your school.

And if something doesn’t work as well as you had hoped or expected, we’ll help you identify the problem and create a step-by-step roadmap to fix it and get back on course. (Hint: You will make mistakes, because that’s part of being human. What matters is how you recover.)

Here's What Life Looks Like USING THE BUILDERSHIP® Model...

Organically produced wins along the way that average thinkers don’t even dare to aim for…

  • Kevin took his school from having the highest number of suspensions in his district … to having the lowest number of suspensions.
  • Tosha-Lyn took her school from 6% proficiency in math to almost 70% proficiency – in just 2 years
  • Adriane, in her first year of Buildership® University, helped her school score at the top of the district in almost every measure during mid-year testing

"I Have A Lot of Clarity

"I have a lot of clarity on taking things off our plate if it is not aligned to our vision(s); being able to confidently discern between "would be nice to do" and "must to do", as well as aligning district initiatives so they make sense to the staff through our vision(s) filter."

Sarah B.



The Most Confident I've Felt

" This is the most confident I have felt about building this school because the strategic plan has more clarity. Now, we have to see how this will impact growth and our efforts to plan accordingly."

Peter S.

( Principal)


I am A lot more Confident

" I am a lot more confident in myself as a leader because I feel that I am developing my own philosophy and focus."

Julie S.

( Principal)


You. ARE. Ready

If you wholeheartedly believe that 100 percent success is possible and are fully committed to becoming a Builder who is capable of reinventing any school to make it happen you’re the perfect candidate for Buildership® University.

Isn’t it high time you stop putting your goals off until "someday" and invest in your school, invest in yourself as a Builder and as an individual?

The transformation you experience inside of Buildership® University doesn’t stop at success for 100% of your students. You’ll become the kind of principal who is capable of achieving that same success again and again no matter where you go. Along the way, you'll be able to spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you love. You’ll gain confidence in yourself as administrator and the respect of your team. You'll make a meaningful difference and leave a lasting legacy in the lives of the students you serve.


What to Expect

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Start listening to the SLR Podcast, if you are not already doing so to start building your Buildership® foundation.

We are looking forward to working alongside you to build the a school where 100% of your students are successful!


*Buildership University is now closed to new members. Join the waitlist to be the first to be notified when a spot opens up.