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A Special Invitation for K-12 Principals, Assistant Principals, and Aspiring Principals…

Discover the Evidence-Based System To Become a

Principal who Can Transform ANY K-12 School 

into a jaw-dropping success story in just 3 years

--with the people and resources you already have

“EVERY child deserves to be successful in school.”

Agree in theory. . . but feel a whisper of doubt saying it’s unrealistic, impractical – and even impossible to dream that big?

You wouldn’t be alone. Most educators would dismiss this goal as naive. After spending years working in a broken educational system capable of producing only limited results, their long-ago idealistic zeal has been replaced with soul-crushing cynicism and resignation.

But not only do all children deserve to be successful in school . . . they deserve principals who are fierce, vocal advocates for such a bold vision.

If that sounds like you (even if you’re currently feeling overwhelmed and a bit hopeless) . . .

Congratulations . . . you’re a Builder at heart.

What is a Builder?

“Builder” is what we members of the Buildership® University call ourselves. 

Builders are innovative thinkers who believe wholeheartedly that 100 percent of students deserve to be successful in school – and as principals, it is our privilege and responsibility to create an environment designed to help them thrive. 

No. Matter. What.

Sadly, this optimism too often gets dismissed as “weird.” Peers dismiss us as naive dreamers. But we say, let them keep their cynicism, negativity, and acceptance of mediocre results and incremental gains. We’re here to do life-changing work, and we don’t have time for naysayers or their limiting beliefs.

If you “get” it . . . Buildership® University may be the home you’ve been searching for. Our visionary community delivers the proven tools, encouragement, confidence and support you need to become a passionate champion who changes schools - and lives.

Create 100% Success – Despite the Very Real Challenges You’re Facing

In Buildership® University, we dream big. But we’re also realists. We know you’re facing very real challenges, like…

  • Overwhelming District demands
  • Burned-out staff
  • Resistant teachers
  • Students are behind because of the recent pandemic
  • Teachers who are checked out
  • Controlling, harassing parents
  • Inadequate funding and resources
  • Students who aren’t showing up

The Buildership® Model helps you achieve your vision of 100% success – with the people and resource challenges you already have.

Why You’ve Struggled Up Until Now

If you’re like most Builders, you’re relentless when it comes to finding ways to improve your instructional leadership and school.

You’ve attended conferences, read books, and consulted with colleagues. You’ve done a root-cause analysis, written a school improvement plan full of SMART goes, and pushed, prodded, and cajoled your staff to help implement the plan. 

But no matter what you’ve tried, you haven’t quite cracked the code on sustainable, reliable, predictable improvement and success.

It’s not your fault.

Your leadership training didn’t provide the systems, resources and guidance you need to create an environment where 100 percent of students can be successful. And it didn’t reveal the core truth that’s at the heart of the challenges you’re facing . . .

Modern schools are built in a way to make it IMPOSSIBLE to achieve huge gains - or allow 100% of students to be successful

To make your goal of serving EVERY student possible (and it IS) . . .

You need to stop trying to “transform” a system that is fundamentally flawed – and instead, create a new school around the time-tested model that’s proven to work – the Buildership® Model.

A Time-Proven System That Works …

No Matter Where You’re Starting, or What Difficult People,

Limited Resources, or District Demands You’re Dealing With.


Gain clarity around your vision - and align your school to hit your target in as little as 3 years.


Build teacher will and skill to create commitment to your vision, mission and core values.


Create systems to ensure that your team executes with discipline and stays on course.


Build other Builders within your school, so you can trust your team to move the work forward.


Fine-tune your system to become a Builder who hits the 100% target vs. just getting close.


Prepare your school for the next Builder - and identify what’s next for you.

Consistent Action Leads to Measurable Results

Join our next cohort, and within the first 90 days, you’ll:

  • Craft a clear vision so you and your staff have the focus you need to help 100 percent of your students to be successful.
  • Co-create a powerful mission that will reignite your staff’s passion and give shape and meaning to the work you do each day.
  • Establish clear core values so that everyone stays accountable to the work ahead – without your having to spend all of your time chasing, checking, or correcting others to keep them on track.
  • Create true alignment so that you and your staff stay focused on what truly matters most!

Once this critical work is complete, you’ll be ready to start building your new school – one that is aligned with your vision, mission and core values. One that is unstoppable.

100% Success IS Possible - and It Starts With YOU

The goal of the Buildership® Model is to create a school where every aspect of the environment – from the people and resources to the physical environment itself – are aligned with your goal of achieving 100 percent success.

The most important ingredient in this mix, at least initially, is YOU. A vision of 100 percent success is bold and unique. And it takes a unique individual – a “Greatest of All Time” principal – to set an “impossible” vision, lend your team your confidence, and calmly hold space for the work to happen.

The training, coaching and support you’ll receive when you join the Buildership® University community will help you level up your impact and performance and become the principal you were always meant to be.

How You’ll Benefit by Becoming a Builder

  • Greater confidence
  • Increased productivity
  • Credibility & respect
  • Less stress and chaos
  • Drama-free team
  • True peer support
  • Make a REAL difference 
  • 10%+ Gains in Test Scores
  • Fewer disciplinary referrals
  • Increased attendance
  • Higher graduation rate
  • Success for ALL students

Meet Our Founder And Creator

Hi, I’m Robyn Jackson, and I believe that EVERY child deserves to be successful in school. I help school administrators who share that mission turn their schools into success stories in 3 years or less with the people and resources they already have.

I know how frustrating it can be to have a massive vision and feel hampered by overwhelming district demands, people who don’t believe in your dream, and limited systems that are designed to serve only a portion of students. When I was an instructional coach and a middle school administrator, I truly wanted to help the teachers I was supporting become better teachers. And I desperately wanted to make my school a better school where ALL of my students would be successful. I tried every new thing looking for the "key".

One day, I realized that it wasn’t that I needed better teachers … or even that I had to be a better leader. Maybe what I needed was a better MODEL. When I couldn’t find one, I built it myself. 

Since 2015, I’ve taught this model to thousands of school administrators who have used it to achieve amazing results for their schools – WITHOUT having to wait for the perfect circumstances, the perfect teachers, or the right students and families. In fact, they have been able to make a dramatic difference in their school WITH the teachers and resources and students they already have.

I launched Buildership® University to share this model with the world in a convenient, efficient, streamlined way – while creating a safe space for us self-described “weirdos” and “dreamers” to cheer each other on and lift each other up. I believe that if you implement the Buildership® Model in your school, it will break down the barriers holding you back from achieving success for ALL you serve – so you can achieve your vision for success for 100% of your students in 3 years or less. 

Yes, it’s THAT good. See for yourself when you join our community.

When I’m not inside of Buildership® University supporting our Builders, I’m writing books (I’m the best-selling author of 11 books in education), conducting workshops all over the world, hosting several public and private Builder’s Labs each year, and puttering around in the kitchen and garden with my husband and our 2 dogs.

Is Buildership® University Right for YOU?

Buildership® University IS Right for You If…
  • You are a principal, assistant principal, or aspiring principal – especially if you’re new to your role or building
  • You believe deep-down that there IS a way to help every student be successful in school (even if you don’t know how just yet).
  • You are curious and open to learning a new way to approach your work as a principal.
  • You agree that, as principal, you are in a unique position to call your school to a higher, bolder vision.
  • You’re willing to explore new ways to connect with, inspire and leverage your existing people and resources to achieve new results.
  • You understand that if you aim for 100 percent and miss, you’ll still win.
But This Opportunity Is NOT Right for You If …
  • You’ve been in your role for years and “Good enough is good enough” is your motto.
  • You believe it is unrealistic to think that 100 percent of your students can succeed in school – some are destined to fail and it’s a waste of time to try changing that fact.
  • You feel you’re at the mercy of teachers and parents … and there’s not much you can do to change them.
  • You’d like to improve your school, but you can’t until you get rid of some “problem” people and/or the district stops overwhelming you with time-wasting demands.
  • You prefer keeping an invincible exterior and don’t want to take a hard look at what’s working - and what isn’t.
  • You’d rather settle for incremental gains than set a huge goal and miss it.

What You Get When You Join Buildership® University

What You Get:

BU Basic

BU Insider

Access to Free Buildership® Starter Course to understand the entire Buildership® Model (A $297 Value)

Access to Free Vision Workshop to help you develop your vision for your school (A $197 Value)

Free Master Classes to introduce you to the skills you need as a Builder (A $1,164 Value)

Live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Sessions where you can get help with a challenge you are facing. (A $564Value)

Resource Drops where you’ll get access to one of our tools, templates, or other resources to help you solve an immediate challenge you may be facing in your school.

(A $1,197 Value)

A Personalized Buildership® Success Path that shows you step-by-step what you need to do now to become a high-performing principal who can turn any school into a success. (A $497 Value)

A Cohort of principal peers who are traveling the same path to Buildership® success at the same time - a built-in cheer-leading section, mastermind, and support group all in one (A $4,200 Value)

A structured, phase-by-phase curriculum with clear, immediately actionable steps you can take each week to build your Buildership® capacity. Just follow along, take action and see tangible results in your school. (PRICELESS)

LIVE Weekly group coaching sessions where you’ll get personalized feedback and support on your path to success. (A $11,997 Value)

Premium, on-demand training with immediately actionable steps you can take right now to become a successful, high-performing principal.

(A $5,997 Value)

Periodic Individual Checkpoints where you can get personalized feedback on your work in progress to make sure that you’re on the right path. (A $1,997 value)

Access to our entire Library of Premium Resources, Tools, and Templates.

(A $4,997 Value)

Immediate access to our private Buildership® Community "BU Commons"* where you can connect with top principals from all over the world. (PRICELESS!)

Quarterly Planning Sessions where we’ll help you identify and knock down your biggest challenge in 90 days or less.

(A $2,000 Value)

Exclusive Social/Networking Events so that you can connect with other Elite Principals. (A $1,000 Value)

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Your Investment:


Monthly Subscription

$250.00/ Month

annual Subscription


*BU Commons is our exclusive community of Builders for BU Insider's only inside of Buildership® University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Buildership® University suitable for?

We focus on providing online training to K-12 Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals, and Coaches. That said, much of our content is relevant to other types of leadership, and we do have members who apply what we teach to other roles such as Team Leaders and Central Office Personnel.

I am new to Buildership® and the Buildership® Model, will this be a good fit for me?

Absolutely - Buildership® University covers every stage of setting a bold vision for your school and achieving that vision in the next 3 years. In fact now is the perfect time for you to join; as not only do we have training that will take you through every step, but you'll also be able to get support and advice from within the community, to help you through your journey. If that sounds good, join now.


I have been in a leadership position for years, what can Buildership® University do for me?

This is certainly not a "beginner only" community - far from it! We've helped clients grow their schools from failing to thriving and their staff from the lowest level to the highest performers, so there's plenty of expertise inside from which you're sure to benefit. Join us now to start achieving 100% success.

How do I join the next cohort?

Simply click here to  join us now. If enrollment is closed, you will be added to our wait-list and notified via email when our next cohort starts.

Is all of the content available immediately or is it time-released (drip fed)?

You get access to everything already inside Buildership® University right away! No waiting for content to be released to you, just jump in and start making use of the training. We regularly update and add new material too - so your content library will continue growing.


What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously we'd love it if all of our members stick around forever - but we know that life happens, circumstances change. So, if you do decide to cancel, we'll be very sad, but you'll be able to do so with just a few simple steps.


Can I access the content released during my membership once I cancel?

No. Premium membership entitles you to enter the Premium members area and access all content that is released prior to and during the duration of your membership. If you cancel or do not renew your Premium membership you will no longer be able to access the Premium content.


Can I get one-on-one help and support for my specific needs?

Not only can you ask questions and get advice, support and feedback any time from our two monthly live Office Hours (first come, first serve) we also offer live sprints, live bi-monthly study hall, workshops, and masterclasses to assist you as you implement your plan. We also have an active community inside if BU Commons where you can get additional feedback. Ready to become an Insider? Join Now.


I’m an AP or Aspiring Principal. Will Buildership® University be useful for me or should I wait to join once I am a Principal?

If you are an AP or Aspiring Principal, this is the perfect time to join Buildership® University. That way, you can learn the Buildership® Model and be ready when you have your own school. We even have an AP/ Aspiring Principal track you can follow that specifically addresses the challenges you face as you pursue the principal-ship. Ready to get started? Join Now.

What’s the difference between Builder’s Lab and Buildership® University?

Builder’s Lab is where you discover the entire Buildership® Model and develop your first Builder’s Blueprint live. It’s a great way to understand how the entire model works and to chart your own success path going forward. Buildership® University is where you can get ongoing training, support, and feedback and work through the Buildership® Model and Success Path at your own pace. Many people come to Builder’s Lab first and then join

Buildership® University so they can receive ongoing, long-term support. Others join Buildership® University first, and then come to Builder’s Lab after a few months to sharpen their skills and enjoy the live, interactive experience of Builder’s Lab. So, if you want a live, interactive crash-course in Buildership®, start with Builder’s Lab first and then join BU. If you are ready to get started right now, then join Buildership® University right now and you can go to Builder’s Lab later. 


I live outside of the United States. Is it worth joining Buildership® University when the time zone difference makes it hard for me to show up for live trainings and calls?

We have Builders inside of Buildership® University from all over the world! Because much of our content is on-demand, you can access it at any time. And, if we offer a live training, we always record it so that you can watch it later when it’s more convenient for you. As for Office Hours, we rotate the times to accommodate different time zones. If that sounds good, join us now.

Can I upgrade my membership later?

You sure can! You can upgrade to our Premium BU Insider Membership with a couple of clicks once you are logged-in. The BU Insider membership has two subscription options Monthly or Annual subscription plans available when we open our Cohorts, otherwise you will be placed on a wait list until the next cohort Opens.

Playing It “Safe” Fails Your Students

One of the most common reasons principals hesitate to become Builders is a fear of failure.

We get it. It’s lonely being a principal. You’re operating in a highly competitive environment, surrounded by people who wouldn’t mind to see you fail – and many who would be eager to point out how you fell short. 

A goal of 100% success – perfection – seems like a surefire recipe for “failure,” right?

You’d think so. But it actually opens the door for extraordinary results. 

Aiming for 100 percent changes the game. It calls your school to a higher level of performance. It changes your mindset, your team’s passion, your students’ engagement – and even the strategies you use.

And it organically produces huge wins along the way that average thinkers don’t even dare to aim for…

  • Kevin took his school from having the highest number of suspensions in his district … to having the lowest number of suspensions.
  • Tosha-Lyn took her school from 6% proficiency in math to almost 70% proficiency – in just 2 years
  • Adriane, in her first year of Buildership® University, helped her school score at the top of the district in almost every measure during mid-year testing

Settling for incremental gains may be safer for your pride and image. But it fails a portion of your students right from the start. Trying to increase proficiency from 60% to 65% means that you’re automatically accepting failure for 35% of your students.

If you’re ready to stop settling for mediocre results and fully serve ALL students, join Buildership® University now.

QUESTIONS? If you're not sure Buildership® University is right for you or have any additional questions then click here to set up a meeting with one of our Builder Success Specialist to explore whether BU can help you achieve your leadership and school improvement goals.